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BFA specialises in the production of kitchen knives and accessories. Our team has many years experience within the cutlery world, designing and manufacturing precision cutting tools for both domestic and professional kitchens.

Here at BFA we believe 3 key elements come together to produce the best knives; steel, balance and edge. We use a variety of steels across our knife styles, each having their own unique benefits and strengths.

Our manufacturing techniques and quality control mean each knife is built with precision and consistency. We take great pride in providing the very best cutting tools.

Our Damascus steel range is constructed using 67 layers of material. The combination of stainless steels sandwich a super tough and durable VG10 cutting edge.

This technique allows for super fine cuts whilst protecting the steel with the damascus outer.

All of our knives are Taper 'V' ground at 9 degrees. Meaning, they are thin behind the edge. This allows the knife to glide through food, rather than forcing it apart. Cutting has never been more fun and easy.


Why are they so sharp?


Like anything manufactured, it doesn't just appear! All of the BFA knives started life on the drawing board. Working closely with chefs, our designers and material experts have honed down knife profiles through a lengthy process... resulting in functional, practical and extremely sharp cutting tools.

At BFA, we believe a knife is an extension of the Chef... it's the paintbrush of the kitchen... It's the tool used most, day in day out. Understanding this has allowed us to develop a range of knives that are balanced, comfortable and cut out for the larger jobs in the kitchen.

The perfect combination; balance and precision. We see plenty of knives come through this kitchen, and these are up there with the best.

John Freeman,
Head Chef, Restaurant Sat Bains

I use BFA Knives on a daily basis. Never let me down! Sharp, accurate and fully designed to work in a fast flowing kitchen!

Jon Hardy,
Chef/Owner, The Lighthouse


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